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“Are You Drunk?”

Two professional women: both married with kids and both juggling clients, reports, potty training, packed lunches, chores, dogs, cats, errands, husbands and …”what was that you said? SEX?”
That three-letter word that once was so frequent, so liberating, so yummy has been sidelined in a sea of life, work and snot.
It is time.
Time to put sex back on a pedestal by injecting some extra spice into our relationships.

“Are You Drunk?”

Film sets are great for sexting.  There is a lot of down time between set ups and when the Duke and I first got together, our flip phones would blow up with suggestive comments and ideas about what we would do to each other. The term “action” took on a whole new meaning.  That was 8 years ago and the flip phones have sadly retired and are gathering dust in our drawers.  I don’t think I would ever choose to recycle these for the incriminating evidence that could be pulled from their data.

Fast forward to present day: shiny i phones and a hell of a lot less sexting.  So one random Friday afternoon, I grab my phone and the first sext flies through the virtual sphere.  I am grinning like a foolish cheshire cat.  What will the Duke make of this?  His response:

– “Whoa”

Second sext is sent.

– “Whoa”

Third sext

– “Have you been drinking?”

By this point I am gasping for air laughing.

Fourth sext I ask him if he is hard

– “Hard at work”  (he clearly isn’t taking the bait)

I make reference to a kitty cat….










I finish off with a no holds barred straight at the groin comment and his final response is:

– “Oh.My.God”

I go back to my work feeling utterly devilish, clever and young.  Oh yes, sexting is good for the soul.

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