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Green + Grey Does Not Equal Go

Two professional women: both married with kids and both juggling clients, reports, potty training, packed lunches, chores, dogs, cats, errands, husbands and …”what was that you said? SEX?”
That three-letter word that once was so frequent, so liberating, so yummy has been sidelined in a sea of life, work and snot.
It is time.
Time to put sex back on a pedestal by injecting some extra spice into our relationships.

Green + Grey Does Not Equal Go

My OB/GYN must think I am obsessed with sex.  When I heard at the start of the week that the pesky placenta of mine had moved, the first thing I asked him was “Does this mean I can now have sex?”

Bemused he responded: “Yes, Duchess.  You can now revert to normal living.”

Hurray.  I have the green light. I practically skipped out of his office.  Combine that with my brand new introduction to Christian Grey and hey ho, Let’s GO.


Screeching Tires courtesy of http://ocmobilemechanic.com

SCREECH……the brakes wail and smoke billows as the newly revved up sex engine is stopped abruptly in its tracks. Realization hits.  You need TWO people to have sex.   Ah, damn those finer details.   The Duke has been AWOL in a dark edit bay 24/7, counting down the days to his deadline and suffering from vitamin D deficiency.  That doesn’t bode well for welcoming back my mojo.  One benefit about him not being around is I have had uninterrupted reading time once Boy Duke went to bed, so I have managed to make a pretty decent indent into the book.  Considering the last book I have been reading has taken me 6 months to get half way, I have been applauding myself this week for my literary tenacity.   Deep into the heart of 50 Shades I have delved.  It has been me and Anastasia and Christian – a cozy threesome.   Interesting that I have just used the word “cozy” as a descriptor as I have felt nothing like cozy.  In fact, a bit irritated to be totally honest.  Irritated with Christian that sleeping in the bed with someone is such a huge deal to him (seriously, get over it), irritated with Anastasia that she succumbs to that contract (I mean, really?) and a bit irritated that “vanilla” sex is looked down upon as boring.  I am all for trying new things, but I like vanilla sex.  It’s warm, bonding and has no pressure – it’s like vanilla milkshake: delicious and not pretending to be anything it isn’t.

Maybe I feel like this because I wasn’t enjoying the fruits of my labour on the back end.  If the Duke had been around, then maybe I would have felt wild and liberated but instead the contact we had was limited to him finding out what I have been up to through my two posts on Facebook.  Not exactly meaningful.  Note to self, that needs to change for future deadlines.  However, the light is at the end of the tunnel, deadline day is fast approaching and I still have the book to finish.  Hopefully, it will wrap up in a warm way that does feel cozy – he will start spooning her to sleep and she will stretch her limits whilst retaining her own self value.  I think I am over analyzing this.  All I know is I would be a useless submissive and would piss Christian Grey off so wholeheartedly he would spend his time punishing me.  Grey don’t come knocking at my door.






  1. […] Duke’s deadline got extended, so whilst he remained in the edit bay, I finished part 1 of the 50 Shades trilogy and was (spoiler alert) mollified at least that Anastasia did finally come to her senses […]

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