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Highway to Heaven

Two professional women: both married with kids and both juggling clients, reports, potty training, packed lunches, chores, dogs, cats, errands, husbands and …”what was that you said? SEX?”
That three-letter word that once was so frequent, so liberating, so yummy has been sidelined in a sea of life, work and snot.
It is time.
Time to put sex back on a pedestal by injecting some extra spice into our relationships.

Highway to Heaven

It started in Chili’s. I made a suggestive remark over our hamburgers, my stomach was full and now it was my sexual appetite’s turn to be sated. The six hour drive to the beach was going to get a lot more interesting.

Back in the car the Duke was driving. It was raining and Boy Duke was asleep in the back seat. Traffic was slow. I leant across the seat, whispered in his ear and unzipped his trousers.  He shot me a “we are driving in a rainstorm around one of the biggest cities in the nation with hundreds of cars around us, what on earth are you doing?” look.  I nodded, whispered again, told him I meant business and lo and behold his manhood responded.  Ting.  Up for the count, ready for action.  I went to work: rhythmical strokes coupled with suggestions about what I would like to do with him if we weren’t crawling at 20mph on a highway.

 I found out that there are obstacles in dealing with a throbbing manhood in the middle of a busy highway:

1) There are a lot of SUV’s on the road.  What does that matter?  Being high off the ground, there is a clear shot view into the front seats of the cars they pass by.  It required constant vigilance –  the Duke’s manhood had to be covered at a moment’s notice

2) Rainstorms bring police cars out in force.  Once again, one has to be adept at covering and acting nonchalant as the blue sirens peal by

3) The cover ups temporarily stall the sexual process – one has to then work harder to revive the manhood back to throbbing status

4) This can make the arm a little weary, so one has to switch arms which then pivots your body so whilst pleasuring your loved one, you are also looking straight into the face of your sleeping son in the back seat.  A touch off putting but one must not to be deterred

45 minutes later (who needs a gym when you can give yourself an arm work out like that? Just call me Popeye), the Duke entered into his ultimate pleasure zone.  The traffic had cleared and the rain had stopped.  Moving at a careful speed in the slow lane of the highway, he started breathing a little heavier.  I upped the whispers and as the beach came into sight, the pent up tension from the journey came to an explosive conclusion.  I grinned, he grinned, we mopped up, our son woke up and hey presto we had arrived.


  1. Please tell my your license plate number. Officer Lee will be on the lookout – you little trollop!


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