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Spilling The Beans…Well A Few At Least

Two professional women: both married with kids and both juggling clients, reports, potty training, packed lunches, chores, dogs, cats, errands, husbands and …”what was that you said? SEX?”
That three-letter word that once was so frequent, so liberating, so yummy has been sidelined in a sea of life, work and snot.
It is time.
Time to put sex back on a pedestal by injecting some extra spice into our relationships.

Spilling The Beans…Well A Few At Least

There are secrets friends have told me that I will take to the grave.  When it comes to keeping things secret about me, well that’s where I have more of a problem.  I am a ‘heart on sleeve’ kind of girl and I have always enjoyed talking about sex.  It has never been a taboo subject for me, probably because of my Mum’s vocation and the fact she was showing us what condoms were before we had even reached puberty (safe sex was her mantra).  So for me to assume the name “Duchess”, launch a blog about sex and not tell a soul except for the Duke who is the beneficiary – well that is a first, in every which way.

The time came when I needed to tell a couple of people in my life who needed to know.  I called one of my best friends in the U.K who sat in silence at the end of the phone, drinking wine whilst she looked over the site.  There has never been anything I haven’t told her.  This was big news.

Then came my  brother and sister – they so happened to both be on the road, with their sleeping babies in the back seat heading to a beach cottage to spend the weekend together as siblings, in-laws and cousins.  They both laughed and gasped.  I told them to come on the sexy revolution with me – there are two more subscribers to the blog so maybe, just maybe, they already are.

I still need to tell my Dad. I just have to pick the right moment.  It’s kind of odd saying “Hey Dad, if you want to read about my sex life you can look right here”.  I don’t think it will be a page he will be bookmarking.  My friend asked me how he would take it.   I can only think that he was married to a sex therapist for 34 years so that mind of his is pretty open by now.  I am hoping he will look at me, see his late wife emanating from within and be proud that the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.




  1. Miss Lee Miss Lee says:

    My Dad laughed and said “what, your BS blog?” He’s very kind.

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